Bosslike is simple socials networking task exchange platform

Complete users tasks, get rewards and points ⭐️ Create your own tasks, pay with points, and become popular 😲

Bosslake app is simple tasks in social networks from users
Bosslake app has thousands of easy tasks on your iPhone, Android phone
Aplication Bosslike 🤓

Thousands of simple tasks!

In the Task Market section, you can find thousands of simple tasks from users of the application just like you. Every minute hundreds of tasks are completed and new ones appear.

Tasks are categorized and sorted by attractiveness. Tasks are very simple and do not require special skills

If you don't like the task, you can hide it or complain if you see fit.

Bosslike – Instant verification and scoring
Aplication Bosslike ⏱

Instant verification and scoring

The application uses the public API of social networks, which allows us to check completions of tasks in a matter of seconds.

Users no longer need to wait for customers, points will be credited to the balance instantly. After the task is completed, customers can open the list of users at any time and, if necessary, make moderation!

Create your tasks in Bosslike application and become popular
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Create your own tasks and become popular!

If a few years ago we used chat rooms and forums to communicate, today it's all moved to social networks.

If you want to become a professional blogger, release videos, launch a new project or provide services, you will need to test your hypothesis. Previously, for this we turned to sociologists and spent huge budgets on focus groups.

Using the Bosslike app, focus groups are available to everyone in a couple of taps!

Bosslike app - Choose tasks that you like
Bosslike iphone – 🎥💅🏄‍♂️

Choose tasks that you like

If you like movies, tell video bloggers what kind of theme it's better to shoot a video on. If you are fashion-savvy, tell people what style is trending right now. If you are a photographer - appreciate the work of novice photographers. if you are a master of manicure - help the newbie decide which drawing is better. if you love fishing - find new friends of interest to communicate with! If you grow flowers on a window - give advice on what's best for beginners.

Bosslike application, Thousands of users are ready to complete your tasks
Bosslike 🥺

Thousands of users are ready to complete your tasks

The service works on the principle of mutual exchange: you give me, I give you.

To award points to users for your tasks, you need to complete tasks of other users.Therefore, every customer becomes a worker, and every worker becomes a customer. If you don’t want to complete other people's tasks, you can easy buy points.

It's so simple and transparent that everyone should try it!

Bosslike Android Maximum security of your data
Bosslike apk 🛡

Maximum security of your data

To record the completion of tasks and accrue points, it is required to confirm the ownership of the social network account.

You don't need to give your passwords, everything is as safe as possible. You just need to provide a link to your profile, complete one of our tasks, we check that the task has been completed from the specified account — voila, the account is linked, and you can cancel your action after verification!

It's safe and simple, isn't it?

Bosslike iOs – Create your tasks in a few taps
Bosslike phone 🤳

Create your tasks in a few taps

To create your tasks, go to "My tasks", click "Create task" and set a few parameters.

We tried to make the order form as simple and functional as possible, check it. And if you have any ideas how to improve the service - don't hesitate to write to us. We love and treasure our users!